Haud Fines Finium


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    Download Haud Fines Finium, the new album from GNRL SPCFC (general specific). The group's debut album has taken a little over 2 years to finish, but is worth every minute spent on it. Enjoy!

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released October 23, 2012

Haud Fines Finium recorded in the RedRoom from March 2012 through October 2012 in Columbus, Ohio.

All songs written by Govan Jones

All tracks produced by Matt Tucker

All tracks engineered, mixed and mastered by Matt Tucker in the RedRoom in Columbus Ohio.

Album art by Matt Tucker



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GNRL SPCFC Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: The Cave
straight from the notepad:

Sometimes it's tough to smile through this smog
When I can't even get through a couple miles of a jog
And the volume of these voices get so loud when I'm lost
I'm feeling like fuck it this is what I found in the fog

I been down, drowned in the dark of the moon if I'm doomed I don't wanna hear shit
Put me in a room with my tomb and the vision of my death and I bet you I won't fear shit
I'm over here sick like they found me in the bottom of a well/
Ima motherfucking god

bitch I promise this is hell/

I had problems with myself, but they've all been resolved in the closet/
And you know I didn't wanna run from the flow but I didn't have the handle to force it/
Of course this shit knock illest on the block like a doctor I'm surgical with the words
i preferred if they murdered you heavenly vertical I am headed off of this rock/

First in the universe hearse in the form of a verse if a virus appears in the flow/
Alienated they hate it I never should make it I'm sayin I'm here but if/
Fear is a foe as it permeated it waited to take what it could then it ran/
You ain't have a chip on ya table when ya ace was up the river you had already folded ya hand/

In this cave I have studied with the greats,
I was told by my father I would fall on my face/
Not a problem all I gotta do is learn from my mistakes/
leave the ashes in the urn I've gotta earn it but today/
Somehow I woke up in this cave feeling like I'm out of space/
I was told by my father I could teach you but I can't/
I was feelin like why bother it's so dark we can't escape/
Leave the ashes in the urn now it's your turn to fade away and if you wake up in a cave?

Judge not or you'll be judged first/
Dumb with the delivery, deliver me the drugs first/

Music as the methadone cuz Skep was prone to slug first/
Liquor was the scripture paint the picture it was love first/
Wait it turned it hate the passion when it flashed had appeared from a muzzle/
Death of a skeptik the rest is just history listen we had a different piece to puzzle/

I love you I swear i went through some shit to get here/
I think I'll just sit in this chair, thrown, knowin that your gonna take a fall makes the wall appear way before you're ready to go home/
Nailed it impaled by the thought of ya death and all you've got left,
And how when you're gone they'll object/
To everything you have ever said when you're dead they won't even know what army you repped/

He called you to step up to the plate or find a place at the dinner table/
Able said to Cain don't complain cuz I'm winnin hey you/
Lookin kinda light, what's it like? as he's spittin Cain took a knife then he took his life before he finished/

But am I my brothers keeper? I swear that I've seen the reaper before/
If Sleep is the cousin of death and I'm ready to rest then what's left but a reason to go?
I need it I know I should seek it believin is somethin I struggle with dug out this grave/
I tried by the time i was ready I deaded it there wasn't nothin to save....

and in the closing seconds I've performed a task/
That nobody before has done and you couldn't afford to ask/
Before the crash saw coverage budget was air tight/
Now I'm spendin time tryina recover from a fear fight/
I'm here, might as well walk out this session wit lesson/
Confession won't bring you blessings and rest don't bring ressurrection.